Trustee Services

icon-uprepareLock in Price Now?

Are you worried that in future costs will go up and burden your loved ones? UPrepare is a good and popular estate planning tool, you can solve your issues through this special service.

icon-udeclareDeclaration of Trust

You have planned for your children’s future and have set aside money for their education.You are managing well. However, if any untoward incident happens, do you have a back-up plan to ensure their future is protected?

icon-uprotectImmediate Money

You have bought insurance to protect against loss of income but who can you trust to protect your insurance money? Can your young beneficiaries manage such a large sum of money? The solution to all these problems is usually an irrevocable life insurance                                    trust.

trustExecutorship & Estate Administration

Planning for your loved ones is good but if the distribution gets stuck, then it pose more problems to them. Please contact us to arrange a wealth management advisors and planning for your family.

icon-ubizBusiness Value Protection Trust

In every business, operations are usually smooth until one co-owner passes on or want to exit. When this happens, how can one maintain balance and continuity while exiting at a fair value? To achieve your objective of protecting your business value, you may                                      need a trustee service to protect your wealth / wealth                                    protection.

icon-private-trustTrust for Specific Purposes

Many people have many different needs. We offer a variety of ways to meet your unique wealth management needs.

icon-charityGive Something Back to Society

Create a Charitable Trust with Rockwills Trustee Berhad where we provide the answers to the above concerns by ensuring a smooth administration on the Trust Fund itself.

icon-retirementRetirement Trust

To protect your wealth and assets with wealth management planning is common practice nowadays. Create a Retirement Trust with Rockwills Trustee Berhad to ensure your lifestyle and financial stability is not compromised upon retiring or reaching your                                            Golden Age.

icon-propertyTrustee For Property Trusts

You wish to leave your house to your spouse but want your aged parents to continue living there. You are also worried about creditors staking a claim on your family home. Protect it by appointing Rockwills Trustee Berhad for your property trust.

icon-assets-protection-trustPreserving Your Capital

Building your estate is only one side of the coin, protecting is another which is equally important. Set up an Asset Protection Trust and we can assist you on the proper ways to protect your hard earned assets.

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