We are constantly looking for passionate, energetic and talented individuals who have ambitions to shine in life. As a member of our dynamic professional team, you are highly valued and will be groomed to the level beyond your own imagination. We offer a competitive remuneration package including commissions, incentives, allowances, free overseas trips and continuous training and excellent career growth opportunities. We provide in depth training, resources and mentoring to help you achieve your aspirations.

These are some of the characteristics we look for:-

  • Passionate. You are highly motivated and love the job of helping and caring for people.
  • Supportive. You stand by your company. You ensure clients receive only the best of you.
  • Professional. You put the customer’s interest first. You are full of integrity, independent and disciplined.
  • Reliable. You are fully committed to and take full responsibility of your work and word.

Successful candidates will be coached and guided by Alston Lau, an industry leader who has proven the success for more than a decade with his Wealth Master Estate Planning System which is solid, practical and down-to-earth. As the pacesetter of the industry, we are always up to date and sensitive towards the never ending evolution of the industry. All the latest and current issues will be addressed to ensure greater edge over the others and more competitive.

Contact us for an opportunity of a HIGHLY REWARDING & FULFILLING future. We sincerely believe that your success is ours as well. A call to Alston Lau could be a turning point in your life!

Alston Lau

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